X along with Y

Hello, future friends and enemies. Remember when the folks from Pokemon decided to make a huge announcement on January 8th of 2013? Well, today’s January 8th of 2013, so the news was revealed. Many expected a R/S/E remake, others a Pokemon Snap 2, and others the upcoming of the 6th gen. What was it?

GEN 6, FOLKS! And to bring something fresh to the table, these games will be officially 3D! LOOK AT HOW BEAUTIFUL THEY LOOK~!


My God, just look at how clean the animation is! @A@ And the best part? It’ll be launched worldwide on the same day! FINALLY, now I won’t have to wait a whole year just to understand what’s going on in the dialouge! (Now if we could only get customizable characters, an MMO, a Gen 3 remake, or a collab with Digimon, I might just die from happiness).

Now for those who are part of the fanbase who’s all “GEN 1 IS BEST GEN BECAUSE EVERYTHING AFTERWARDS SUCKED!”, open your eyes for once. ._. Sure, some of the Pokemon look “silly”, but at least try to get used to them. (And the good Pokemon definitely outweigh the bad).


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