Ninfia = New Type?!

Hello, future friends and enemies. A new Eeveelution was announced yesterday and its name is Ninfia! Here is a picture:


Not bad, not bad. o3o Originally, I thought this was going to be either a Flying type (due to the ribbons) or a stronger Normal type (due to the bows), but it would appear that this is going to be a new type, Ai (Love). …Wait, they’re seriously going Captain Planet on us? LOVE? (I guess that would make sense for Luvdisc, but…WHAT). Not saying this is bad, but isn’t it a bit…girly, so to speak?

Speaking of Captain Planet, I get to adapt that series for Reader’s Theater. 😀 I’m making the Planeteers fight against a giant tortoise due to my Tortoise Tortoise joke. (Also got Spike Spiegel to say that!)

P.S. Final stuff that isn’t really important:
A. I shall get Fire Emblem: Awakening soon
B. My weekend was freaking awesome since Mizore could finally come over after being denied so many times and we hung out with my French buddy playing Twilight Princess, Sonic Unleashed, and Brawl. We made chocolate pots; delicious. -u-


3 responses to “Ninfia = New Type?!

  1. *flips a thousand tables*

    I don’t believe this. They’re turning this into Care Bears now…

    Why couldn’t they have made a type for Light or Sound? At least that would make more sense than…THIS!

    I am seriously losing faith in this new generation.

      • idk ever since the three new starters popped up, I’ve been feeling a bit skeptic, like this is all a huge, complicated prank or something…and I don’t normally feel that way about new Pokémon stuff! (It might be because of how early they’re posting this stuff; it hasn’t even been 2 years since B&W came out)

        I mean, the designs are fine, I guess. Xerneas and Yveltal look freaking awesome…but something still doesn’t seem quite right…

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