Hello, future friends and enemies. Forgive me for not for a while; school and the new Fire Emblem game preoccupied me. (IT’S EXTREMELY AMAZING AND YOU SHOULD BUY IT IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY AND HAVE A 3DS!) Anywho, another set of Pokemon X & Y news was revealed today and WE GOT…


…a strange looking form of Mewtwo! Well, looking at it at first, I was basically like most Genwunners in saying, “OH MY GOD, WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO MEWTWO!?” But I’m slowly warming up to it. (Emphasis on slowly) What’re your thoughts?


19 responses to “Welp

  1. Hey pikes “k bear” here. Wow, I was looking at my posts on the club penguin trio blog we were In and I was so random and annoying o.O. Shows how much one can change In a couple years. How’s your life been pikes?

  2. Haha the stuff I wrote about was completely random and made no sense. I had trouble reading some of it now lol. How’s your sophomore year been? I think you’re a sophomore now right?

    • Yep. It’s pretty much like freshman year, but with less intimidation by my peers. (Some small drama, but none to the point to which I had to call MTV about it. XP ) I’m a little worried for next year since Juniors have a HUGE research project for English and History, but that’s a while away.
      How ’bout you?

  3. I had to do my research paper earlier in mp the first semester I had to do Rasputin. My sophomore year has been well. I also agree freshman year was crazy I remember getting lost the first day lol

  4. Haha I agree ^^. Also I’d like to thank you for getting me into three days grave back then. I remembered them like a year ago and their songs are great it’s saddening that the lead singer left though :/

  5. Also to touch on your post, it’s either a form of mewtwo sort of like rotoms many forms or they’re going to call to “MewThree” lol.

  6. Yeah grace my bad c and v are right next to each other lol. But yeah it’s quite upsetting when a good band breaks up. I’m not able to buy the new Pokemon game because I don’t have a 3ds :/

  7. I can afford a 3ds just my parents are telling me to save my money for a car or car insurance >.> my parents are like anti games. They think they will make me evil and I’ll go on a killing spree from it lol. What’s fire emblem about? What’s the gameplay like?

    • Awakening’s has many plot elements, so I can’t tell you everything about it. 😛 Anywho, a group of mercenaries by the name of Shepherds fight their way against mad kings, conquering emperors, so on and so forth. Their leader, Chrom, discovers a mysterious stranger (your character; customizable) and by gaining their trust, assigns them to be the Shepherds’ strategist (or tactician as it’s called in the game)

      Gameplay: It has that sort of Pokemon vibe where it has the rock-paper-scissors element of beating enemies. (Water < Grass < Fire) You just click on a person to move them to an area and if you're near an enemy, press "Attack" to see which weapon works best

  8. I will check it out on YouTube ^^ lol I could go out and buy a 3ds with my own money but my parents would probably take it away as soon as they’ve spotted it. Is it sort of like Pokemon conquest? -guessing before watching a YouTube vid- ill probably sound either really dumb when i find out lol.

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