The Console War’s Pretty Much Over By Now

Hello, future friends and enemies. *looks at date from last post* o_o; Oh geez…(Apparently, I might’ve been wrong about one of the B-day parts). ANYWHO, sorry I didn’t get the chance to post earlier; I’m still getting over the fact that I passed Geometry with a C and therefore, don’t have to retake it over the summer. -u- (That or I’m just plain lazy) So, what happened while I was gone? Well, I guess school and my 17 birthday, to be specific. o3o Gosh, I need to post here more often…

ANYWAY, with E3 pretty much out of the way now, there’s some news you might already know, but I’m going to tell you them anyways:

-Microsoft basically killed itself as a gaming company by releasing the XBox One (or as many call it, XBox Done), a console that doesn’t go backwards with games (meaning you can’t play 360 games on their), can’t play used games, and is basically a vocal remote instead of an actual gaming system
-Although I’m not sure if Sony removed the social network features to their PlayStation4, their conference announced the arrivals of the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 15. (Let’s just say many of my friends were pretty much crying tears of joy once they found out)
-In my opinion, Nintendo won, but that’s just me. o.o ANYWHO, they’re going to release a new Smash Bros. with MegaMan, the Villager from Animal Crossing (hopefully, you can choose to be female), and the Wii Fit coach as new characters! FINALLY! (Hopefully, the hacks for this game will be as awesome as Brawl’s; it always amused me how so many people made different versions of Cloud and Sephiroth) They also have news about Pokemon X & Y (including 5 new Pokemon and a new way to battle with hoardes of 5 Pokemon attacking one of yours at the same time along with Sky Battles, but that has yet to make an impression), Bayonetta 2, and other games waiting to be released/finished. -u-

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, well, I’d say that’s pretty much it now. Microsoft, you were good with the 360, but you really screwed yourselves over now

P.S. In somewhat unrelated news, I’m going to do a solo-run of Platinum and I want to know which non-legendary/non-uber Pokemon I should use. Mizore suggests Swablu or Houndour, and I’m highly considering those, but I’m also thinking of either Budew or Bulbasaur. o3o HALP~!



7 responses to “The Console War’s Pretty Much Over By Now

  1. Sony pretty much won E3, with Nintendo in a close second. Both Microsoft and Nintendo are focusing on “Innovation” in their own wrong ways. Sony is just remaking their console while adding new things that people would normally want in a new console such as updated graphics, memory, etc.

    (Also, I’ve had a tumblr for a while and have been meaning to post the url in case anyone else was on there. )

    • I’ll admit, the tablet for the Wii U might seem as a distraction, but it’s still good that Nintendo’s caring about their game series. (Albeit we’ve had the same Mario game with different costumes for the past few years)

  2. Sup pikes. I think I may be able to get a 3ds xl haha. What games should i get for it? Also im kind of tempted to get a ps4 when it comes out. Have to choose which I want. For your platinum solo only run, why not a taillow or shroomish.

  3. Hmm I’ve been thinking animal crossing would be pretty fun. Fire emblem has been getting many great reviews. Problem is its like not in any gamestops near me. I want that Mario and Luigi dream team thats coming out in august. It’s the 4th in the Mario rpg series. I also want pokemon x or y not sure which to get. Thinking of getting Y because its in my name lol. I wouldn’t mind getting Zelda Ocrina of time but its literally no where to be found.

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