DC & Warner Bros. Dun Goofed

Hello, future friends and enemies. School’s just finished its first week for me, but that’s not what I’m wanting to talk about. AS MANY OF YOU KNOW, people’s opinions on “Man of Steel” were torn, but a majority of them (from at least what I heard) was that it sucked. But the blockbuster was big enough to get its own sequel with Batman to appear. You’re probably thinking, “How’s that possible when Christian Bale said he’d stop being Batman?” Easy, they get a new actor. But who did they choose?



ARE. YOU. SERIOUS. I understand that this might be the Warners’ fault, but REALLY?! I might be sounding like a nerd on a blind rage, but…but…GAH! *flips table*

This actually reminds me of an argument that Mizore & I got into a while back. She said that Marvel was basically kicking DC’s ass because their stories take place in our world, not in made-up places like Gotham or Metropolis. (If those are real, then HA!) Now, this brings up a good point: DC really ruled back in the days of the 90s & 2000s. It’s not just nostalgia talking; let’s make a comparison.

Batman: The Animated Series was very dark with which we could feel sympathetic with our villains and their struggles; kind of like how the X-Men feel. Justice League was basically the best thing ever since Miyazaki decided to have his films released in the states (and told us WHEN they would release. >_> ) because you got to know superheroes you might’ve not known outside of the main 3 (GREEN LANTERN REPRESENTATION, BABEH!)

Now, I’m not going to compare these with “Beware the Batman” because that’s still new (and I hope they pick up their slack because the only character I’m invested in is Commissioner Gordan), but let’s look at the “recent’ DC animation projects that’ve aired on TV outside of geek channels

Green Lantern: The Animated Series took a different approach with 3D animation, which made many repeal it at first. It’s not as dark as the 90s Batman, but it still had a complex villain in the end. (Yes, a villain). Plus, there were times where the 3D animation worked; can’t really name some on the top of my head, but they still had really cool moments. Young Justice started off right, but basically died for me when the 2nd season started. Alien struggles, REALLEH!? We wanted to see the sidekicks take actual action and how they became heroes in the first place! (They did an all right job with Static Shock, but there were no signs of Teen Titans…)

AHH YES, speaking of Teen Titans, the new animated series is…meh for me. On one hand, there are jokes that are really funny if you’re a DC nerd like I am, but then you get those really quirky moments where I think, “WHY AM I WATCHING THIIIIIIIS”. I’d suggest this to people who want to get involved with Teen Titans if it weren’t for the fact that there were references from the original and that version’s a hell of a lot better! DX

…Well, those tangents had a mind of their own…o_o SORRY ABOUT THAT~! Anywho, if DC made a movie about how the heroes were sent to an alternate dimension (AKA our dimension), then maybe there might be some slight hope of it succeeding once again. MIGHT. (Also, stop focusing so much on Batman! WE GET THAT HE’S AWESOME; WE JUST NEED OUR OTHER HEROES TO HELP BALANCE THE AWESOMENESS OUT!)

P.S. On an unrelated note, the Nostalgia Critic’s going to review “The Last Airbender” movie on the 3rd of September; 10 days before season 2 of Legend of Korra comes out and 1 day after the premiere of Uncle Grandpa. (Shut up, I’m excited for that series). OH BOOOOOOOOOOY~!

P.S.S. Lots of Pokemon X & Y news; mainly concerning how Pokemon are now becoming even more like Digimo-I MEAN, MEGA EVOLUTIONS! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I hope the useless Pokemon get one so that they actually have use…


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